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Income Tax 2009-10 (Assessment Year 2010-11) Data Entry Sheet
Name Cat Designation
HRA TA   Department
IT exemption for HRA (choose no if H.loan availed and self-occupied)            PAN Annual House Rent
Monthly Income details Deduction under Chapter VIA, Section 10 (Annual total)
Pay in payband (Mar-09) 80E-Education Loan Interest (Annual) 80DDB-Medical Treatment (Max 40K)
Grade Pay 80D-Health Ins.Premium (Rs.15000+ Rs.15000 for p arents) 80G- Donations (Annual)
Personal Pay 80DD-PH dependants treatment (up to Rs.50000-Annual) Other Deductions -Chapter VIA/Sec 10
Special Pay /NPA Deductions under Section 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD (Annual)
Pension GPF Subscription (Annual) Housing Loan Principal (Annual)
LIC Premium (total for the year)
Other Pay CGEGIS (Annual) PLI (Total for the year)
Bonus ULIP (Annual Total) Pension Fund (Annual Total)
Honorarium PPF (Annual Total) Bond (IDBI, Infra Bond etc)
Tuition Fees NSC (Annual Total) ELSS (Annual Total) (Mutual funds)
Interest Income (Annual) Tuition Fees (up to 2 children) Other eligible Savings
Family Pension (Annual) Other deductions
6CPC Arrears received Relief Under Section 89(1)Use this Calculator Income Tax already deducted
Agriculture Income Rebate for Agri income Income Tax deducted on Interest
Any other income (Annual) Income/loss on house property (eg. if loss is 5000 enter negative value i.e -5000) Use this Calculator Other deductions at source
DA Arrears and DA arrears on TA (two months only- Jan and Feb-09) Professional Tax (Annual)

PAN Name Dept Desig
Income Tax Work Sheet 2009-10 (Assessment year 2010-11)
Deductions under Sec 80C, 80CCC
Deductions under Chapter VIA, Sec 10
Month Basic Pay grade pay DA Taxable TA HRA Spl Pay /NPA Persl Pay Pension Month Total ULIP 80E-Education Loan Repayment
NSC 80D Medical Insurance
PPF 80DDB Medical Treatment
GPF 80DD Treatment to PH dependents
CGEGIS 80G Donations
Tuition Fees Other deductions under Chapter VIA, Section 10
PLI HRA exemption eligibility
Housing Loan Principal House Rent Paid
Rent Paid in excess of 10% pay
LIC Premium Total HRA received (Annual)
Pension Fund 40% of (Pay + GP) ( 50% for A1 cities)
IDBI Bond etc Your HRA exemption eligibility
ELSS (Mutual funds)
Other Savings
Total 80C savings
Income (Annual)
Other Pay (Annual total) Bonus DA Arrears (Jan Feb09) Honorarium Tuition Fees Family Pension
Interest income (Annual) 6CPC Arrears received Any other annual income Agri Income Total Annual Income
Gross total income (monthly + annual)
Income Tax Calculation
Gross Total Income
Less HRA exempted
Less Professional tax Add/Less(-ve value for loss) Income/Loss on House Property Gross Taxable Income
Less 80C, 8CCC deductions
Less Chap VI A deductions
Less Other deductions Net Taxable Income
Total Tax payable
Less Rebate for Agri Income Net Income Tax Payable
Add Education Cess 3%
Less Relief under Sec.89(1) Less Tax already deducted Less Tax deducted on Interest Balance Income Tax Payable (negative value implies refund)