ITR-2 for the year 2008-09(Assessment year 2009-10)

As you are aware July 31st 2009 is the deadline for filing ITR returns with the income tax department. Salaried class are required to file either ITR-1 or ITR-2 depending upon the receipt of income other than salary such as income from house property, captial gains etc. Normally, if you don't have any income other than salary you can straight away file ITR-1. If you have any income other than the salary such income from House Property in the form of rent, profit or loss generated in sale or purchase of movable or immovable propery known as captial gains, ITR-2 is to be filed. Here comes an easy way to generate your ITR-2 return. Enter your Personal data along with Income and deduction details as given in the Form-16 supplied by your employer and click "Generate ITR-2" button given below. Now a seperate page opens which would contain the ITR-2 generated for you. If you want to calculate your income tax and then generate ITR-1 use this Income tax Calculator for 2008-09 (assessment year 2009-10)

Open this ITR-2 generation application in Internet Explorer browser for better printing results.

Go to Online tool for generating ITR-1

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Father Name
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Flat/Door/Block No
Name of Premises / Building / Village
Road / Street / Post Office
Area / Locality
Town / City / District
Email Address
Employee Category
Telephone STD code of your place
Your telephone Number
Income under the head Salaries /Pension (total salary income less allowances such as HRA exempted under Section 10, professional tax etc) (Income before adding/deducting income/loss from House property)
Allowances to the extent exempted under Section 10 (HRA etc.)
Family Pension
Interest earned
Net Agricultural Income
Section 80C (GPF, LIC, ULIP etc subject to maximum of Rs.1 lakh)
Section 80CCC (Contribution to pension funds)
Section 80CCD (Contribution to central government pension schemes)
Section 80D (Medical Insurance premium)
Section 80DD (Spent fortreatment of disabled dependent)
Section 80DDB (Spent for certain medical treatment)
Section 80E (Interest on loan taken for higher education)
Section 80G (Donations)
Section 80GG (Deductions for rent paid)
Section 80GGA (Donations for research)
Section 80GGC (Contribution to Political party)
Section 80U (Deductions for person with disability)
Address (Door No, Street/Road Name and locality)
Address (City Name)
Address (specify State)
Income or Loss arrived from House Property as per Form-16 [Enter negative value if loss, i.e if loss is 5000, enter -5000]
Specify whether Letout
Amount of Letable Value/Rent received
House Tax paid (house tax paid is 0 if rental value of property is declared as nil)
Yearly Interest Payable for Loan obtained for the House (Interest on HBA, Bank Housing loan etc)
Total Tax Payable before calculating relief under Section 89, 90 etc (also exclude surcharge, cess, etc)
Rebate in respect of Net Agricultural Income
Surcharge payable
Education Cess including Higher Education Cess
Relief under Section 89
Relief under Section 90/ 91
Interest payable U/s 234A
Interest payable U/s 234B
Interest payable U/s 234C
Advance Tax paid
TDS (Tax deducted at Source ) by employer
Self Assessment Tax paid
Your Bank account number (for refund if any)
Your Bank MICR code (if bank account given)
Select mode in case of refund
TAN (Tax deduction Account Number) of Employer
Unique Transaction Number of employer (leave blank if not alloted)
Name of employer
Address of employer - Door No and Street/Road name
Address of employer Locality Name
Address of employer City Name and Pincode
Designation and Place of Assessing Officer (Ward / Circle)
Select the Filing Status (for entering the section under which retrun is filed)
Whether Original or Revised Return
If revised enter Receipt No. of Original Return
If revised enter Date of filing of Original Return (dd/mm/yyyy)
Place of filing return (Enter city name)
Date of filing return (dd/mm/yyyy)